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New Vision Civics is a Jamaican civics book written with a multi-tiered mission to impart pertinent civic information to build responsible citizenship, and to strengthen the preparation of the countrys youth for effective leadership.
The book references the Jamaican spirit of excellence exemplified under the national identity of Brand Jamaica which embodies our visual and performing arts; music, industry, cuisine and sports, to inspire pride and to set the bar of achievement. It also features the National Honours and Awards as a trajectory for responsible citizenship, and gives value to the expanding role of women in the society.
This book also covers government and public administration, pillars of social structure; law and the judiciary, rights and freedoms, national security. It values the role of volunteerism and mentorship, media, the environment as it relates to Climate Change, use of alternative energy, water and waste management, and Jamaicas positioning in a global world.

New Vision Civics has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Youth as a civics textbook for grades 7-9, a resource book for students of history, social studies and culture, and teachers in training at the tertiary level. The wider society should also find relevance in this study.

About the Author
Since 1999, Jamaican author and publisher Joanne Simpson, has been making an indelible inroad in the book industry with her signature works giving highlight and purpose to the countrys history and culture.
Many might remember books such as the satirical Only in Jamaica, that brought a lighter side to the crash of Jamaicas financial system in the 1990s; The Jamaican Woman: A Celebration, that highlights the achievements of some 300 outstanding women drawn from over 100 years; Why Heritage, that links present-day Jamaica to its historical past; and now her latest, New Vision Civics an empowering book that is aimed at producing a more inclusive and productive society, while giving a comprehensive civic education.
A composite of her lifes work, New Vision Civics has been endorsed as a civics text by the Ministry of Education and Youth and the Ministry of Culture as a book to guide our interactions and to encourage inclusiveness. Additionally, four other of Simpsons books have been recommended for use in the education system; Why Heritage, Shining Through, The Jamaican Woman and The Tender Side of Me.
Simpson works as a Communications and Marketing Specialist.
For more information, visit her website at;