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WEBS Addeah Palmer

Webs is a riveting tale of conning, mischief and obeah. Set in rural Jamaica, it tells the story of Big Shilling, a Jamaican deportee and his friend, Knock Softly, as they work hard to get him back to the United States by whatever means necessary. Big Shilling has only two options-get back to America and live the dream life or stay in 'Capture Land' and continue to suffer. The former is more appealing.

Knocking heads with the wrong people means that Big Shilling is constantly looking over his shoulders. Throw obeah into the mix and his wet, weary nights in his dilapidated house turn into scary, nail-biting nights as well. Unfortunately, he has guns as well as ghosts to fear. With a friend by his side who would do almost anything for him, the men trod the journey of survival and escape together. One only knows where the road will lead.

Webs is a masterful representation of rural Jamaican culture that will transport you into the world of Big Shilling, Knock Softly and the conniving obeah man that is Thomas. Why do we only learn the hard way? Find out how hard it is for Big Shilling to learn his lessons.