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ONE NIGHT Eric Jerome Dickey

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ONE NIGHT Eric Jerome Dickey A pair of strangers has twelve hours to relish the night of their lives in a novel that “has taken the anonymous one-night-stand relationship into the realm of art” (Publishers Weekly) from New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey. On a cold and rainy night during the Christmas season, a woman who has suffered great personal loss and a successful businessman from Orange County meet by chance at a gas station in Los Angeles County. They have nothing in common, but as they engage in conversation and move from con games to assault to robberies, within hours they end up sequestered in an upscale hotel room. During intimacy, they continue to confide in each other and try to come to grips with their problems and their seasonal loneliness. For one night, their passion is boundless, but with every tick of the clock, their separate pasts close in. They push the limits of time, devotion, and even the law as they attempt to catch a glimpse of the future. They need each other for a lifetime but will have only one night.  

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