Committed To Positive Learning Experiences

Sangster’s Book Stores is pleased to continue its long-standing association with The Gleaner Children’s Own Spelling Bee.

We applaud the commitment and dedication of the Gleaner Company to the Spelling Bee competition and its continued vision in exposing our children to a range of positive experiences by participating in the National Spelling Bee.

The invaluable exposure this completion offers our children is one that will provide fond memories for years to come and Sangster’s is honoured to be a part of such a rich, proud and long tradition.

Sangster’s Book Stores is committed to providing invaluable support to the ‘Bee’ and to further exposing our children to positive learning experiences. We extend our heartiest congratulations to all the participants in the 2013 competition and special congratulations to the finalist. We like all of Jamaica, will be “spelling with the champions” on the big day and know you will be doing your very best.

The Gleaner, Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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