Children's Ebooks

Carlong English B Paper 1 for CSEC®

US$ 6.0

Carlong Theatre Arts for CSEC® With SBA, Study Guide & Exercises

US$ 27.0

Carlong Economics for CSEC® With SBA, Study Guide & Exercises

US$ 28.0

Carlong English B for CSEC® With Study Guide & Exercises – 3rd Edition

US$ 19.0

Carlong English A for CSEC® With Study Guide & Exercises - 2nd Edition

US$ 24.0

Every Little Thing Will Be All Right

US$ 3.4

Island Princess in Brooklyn

US$ 3.4

Tek Mi! Noh Tek Mi! - Caribbean Folktales

US$ 3.4

Jenny and the General

US$ 3.4

Little Island Big Adventures

US$ 3.4

Jojo's Treasure Hunt

US$ 3.4

Garvey's Ghost

US$ 9.99

Miss Bettina's House

US$ 3.4

Mind Games

US$ 9.99

Meet Bintah

US$ 13.49

Mind Builders: Test Your Thinking Skills

US$ 9.99

Forest Fever

US$ 5.5

Bernie and the Captain's Ghost

US$ 3.4

Freedom Come

US$ 4.99

Ash The Flash

US$ 4.99

Test Papers for Caribbean Students - Language Arts

US$ 10.0

How Smart Are You?: Reasoning & Problem-solving

US$ 8.99

Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Students - Second Edition

US$ 18.0

Atlantic Interactions: A Textbook for Caribbean History Students – 2nd Edition

US$ 21.0

Carib Study Guides for CSEC® English A : Writing Summaries and Statistical Reports

US$ 13.0

English SBA for CSEC® - A Student's Guide

US$ 8.0

Contemporary Caribbean Tourism: Concepts and Cases

US$ 35.0

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