Mind Games

800.00 JMD each

Mind Games tells the story of 11-y-o Matthew whose mother died a few months earlier. As he tries to come to terms with this loss, Matthew longs for his father who he believes abandoned him and his mother. He now lives with his aunt who makes it no secret that she is just doing her duty by having him live with her and uses every opportunity to criticize his father. Adding to these other odds stacked against him, Matthew now attends a new school where he becomes the target of bullies due to his short stature.

However, Matthew is no ordinary boy. He has a supernatural ability that he is careful to keep secret. Matthew has the uncanny ability to influence people’s thought processes, sometimes unintentionally.  To defend himself against the bullies, Matthew is eventually forced to use his special power.

The story turns deadly when some boys become aware of his powers, befriend him and coerce him into playing dangerous games of criminal mastermind.

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