About Sangster's Book Stores

Ferdinand Sangster and his wife Mable were humble entrepreneurs.

Peddling his bicycle through the streets of Kingston in 1938 selling digest and ring boxing magazines, Ferdie began to build what we have come to know today as Sangster's Book Store Limited.

Through sheer drive and determination and with the help of good samaritans, Ferdie and Mable opened their first store in 1941 and went on to open several more stores in Kingston Jamaica. The most significant was his Harbour Street store in 1968 which was the largest bookstore in the Caribbean and South America.

A philanthropist and an astute businessman, Ferdie died in 1991 and left behind a Jamaican company with a rich history and a huge legacy.

80 years later Sangster's Book Store Limited is a household name with 13 locations island-wide supported by a loyal core of employees.

Now you can shop online and choose from our wide range of educational products, general books, stationery, and office supplies.

We are also proud owners of the Mrs. Louise Bennett Coverly titles, thanks to relationships forged by Ferdinand Sangster and his business associates.